Moravia VIP Club

Members can choose from a menu of convenient services, such as housekeeping, property maintenance, pool upkeep and more. Along with our existing buildingrelated, home upkeep and rental services, the new menu offers customers assistance from the very beginning of our relationship in areas such as mortgage financing and insurance coordination.

A few examples of our services offered are:


Phase 1: Before signing the contract
~ Financial services, such as mortgage, advise on fiscal aspects etc.



Phase 2: After signing the contract
~ Project management: design and building the property.
~ Interior design: interior decoration services tailored to the client’s needs.



Phase 3: After delivery of the property
~ Pre~arrival preparation
~ (leaning [various packages)
~ Housekeeping
~ Laundry ijincl. dry cleaning and ironing)
~ Technical and maintenance
~ House key management
~ Security
~ Property rental services k
~ Mail service
~ Airport pick up