Since 1863, leader in the sea

Moraviagroup DNA comes from Moravia Yachting and its over 100 years of experience, quality, craftmanship, attention to details , unbiased advice and dedicated service to clients.

Moraviagroup drew its experience and dedication from Moravia Yachting,  a world leader with 150 years experience in the marine and yachting business. 

From this sea of experience in building superyachts Moraviagroup has learn how to become a leader in the project development and contract business. Moraviagroup is operating with a complex network of partner companies in the real estate project develpment to ensure the highest quality standards.
Moraviagroup's services are tailored made to the exact clients' needs and it endeavors to protect its clients' interest.

Brand value opportunity
Brand add value and gives property developper more visibility, greater credibility, faster sales -
A cut above the rest.

Moraviagroup is constantly striving to deliver an exceptional level of personal service and attention to detail. The focus is not on Moravia's ego, it is on Moravia's clients' satisfaction and sharing the same passion for luxury and perfection.