Moravia Group and its shareholders are always looking for new opportunities where to invest and make a difference.

Moravia Strategy
Moravia leverages its global investment experience to identify opportunities in local markets and employs expert, local management teams
to generate exceptional returns. The following are key components of our strategy and have led to our success:

  •     Highly incentivized and independently managed local teams in each domain of operation;
  •     Access to quality deal flow in each local market;
  •     Employees with a substantial aggregate knowledge base and diversified experiences who have remained with Moravia Monte-Carlo over a long period of time;
  •     A global view which allows for diverse risk analysis, hedging, and efficient funds allocation;
  •     In house research and finance capabilities including research, sophisticated financial analysis, M&A and structured finance;
  •     In house development capabilities such as construction management, design coordination, procurement, project management and property management.