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Moravia is founded in Trieste as a nautical paint factory to become the world's leader in the production and sale of anti-fouling paint.

Thanks to the farsightedness of its new owner founders, The Frateschi family and Moravia becomes Moravia yachting and transfers its headquarters to the Principality of Monaco in the historical buildings overlooking Port Hercules. The Frateschi group together with Moravia creates others activities in this sector. Taselaar the largest distributor of nautical accessories, Melania makers of nautical tableware worldwide and Old Marine specialized in the interior decoration of yachts.

Moravia Yachting takes another step forward and becomes Moravia Yachting S.A.M.

At the same time, the company becomes part of the Frateschi Group that numbers over 12 leading companies in the worlds of nautical supplies, sailing schools and charter fleets among its ranks. The Group through its financial arm is also involved in Sport Franchise and management, media, television, radio network and also acts as a private equity investor.

The Frateschi Group decides to come back to its origins where it started more than a 100 years ago and sets up a Real Estate Division within Moravia. The idea is to have the same commitment and dedication than in the Yachting Division. Moravia Real Estate applies the standards and refinements in real estate project, design and realization that are used in the construction of superyachts. In the realization of a superyacht there is no room for error. Construction and interior design must be at the edge of quality and innovation, using the most luxurious materials and the latest technologies.

Moravia U.S.A is created in Miami, Florida.

Moravia Monte-Carlo adds the Aviation Division; the missing link to its successful strategy of being one of the leaders in "Luxury Living".

Moravia japan is created.

MORAVIA GROUP is formed and, through other companies owned by the Frateschi Group operates in 3 sectors:

  • Real Estate
  • Aviation
  • Yachting

Today, after the sale of Moravia Yachting, the Frateschi Group, is focusing on Real Estate and Moraviagroup has become a world leader in luxurious life style.

Moravia offers the services of highly qualified and trained professionals who closely follow the clients' assignment with a high-profile approach by aligning their activities with the specific needs in question.
With an international network of offices, it represents clients across the globe, giving an indispensable resource whatever their needs

Moraviagroup is entering the contract world bringing its experience and exceptional attention to details to partner with a complex network of partner companies to ensure the highest quality standards 

Brand value opportunity Brand add value and gives developper more visibility, greater credibility, faster sales - A cut above the rest.

Moraviagroup is also developing a strategy of "Brand License Contracts" with some of the most renowned international companies to introduce a range of interior design products that will include fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, high end furniture and decorative design products all under the brand Moraviagroup and MoraviaLab

The Future
"Good is not Good where better is expected"

Bateau 1979 Bateau 1979 Bateau 1979